Tattoo Asylum

About The BEcomINK LIFESTYLE… Why Live Average?

Here at BEcomINK Tattoo Asylum(B.T.A.), we welcome all who are ready to make a change. A change from your regular monotonous, routined filled, society driven, boring life. A change, into the person your covering up everyday with an illusion that is accepted by society.

Here, at BEcomINK Tattoo Asylum(B.T.A.), we offer you a means to begin to take your life back and BECOME who and what you were meant to B.E., and that is to BEcomINK. When you begin to BEcomINK; you are taking the first steps to BECOMING ONE with the ideal of yourself. The true you. In other words, your tattooed art is BECOMING YOU; and you are BECOMING your tattooed art, hence you are becoming  your ink.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BEcomINK  is  therefore the art of expressing the ideal  self with the HUEMAN body. It is your vision of yourself illustrated onto your skin. You BECOME a  living testament of your past, present and eventually the future. So COME… FOLLOW ME and BECOME LIBERATED!

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